College Terrace Market is a return to basics — real food with real quality, selection, and price. Its format, conceived and developed by Miki Werness, breaks the rules of both conventional and natural foods grocery stores by lowering prices, supporting small-scale food manufacturers and local farmers, and creating the ambience of a relaxed, interesting shopping environment while operating as a well-organized business.

The tenets are simple: Develop an attractive store model, an appealing design, a branded store name, an enhanced “esprit de corps” among employees, and improved product lines. The store will be an exceptional mix of local products made by small-scale businesses and farms with local flavor and local appeal on the shelves along side name-brand products, all at low prices, in an eclectic atmosphere. It’s a viable and extremely successful concept.

Boar's HeadDeli Meats

Full-Service Meat Dept.

100% Natural Organic Beef,
Free-range Chicken, Fish, Seafood.

Award Winning Baked Goods

Organic Local Produce